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    Chemlex provides custom synthesis of organic compounds for the chemical, pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries. We offer starting materials, intermediates, reference compounds, and isotope labeled compounds. Compounds are made to order in scales ranging from milligrams to metric tons.

    We specialize in small organic compounds, natural products, heterocycles, carbohydrates, and amino acids. Our staff is capable of handling difficult synthetic assignments and providing high quality, on-time, and confidential services. We are developing an inventory of compounds that are not readily available elsewhere. Our product list will give you a glimpse of the work we do.

    The experience and supply network available to Chemlex allows us to offer chemicals for direct sale. Bulk chemicals and intermediates available in multi kilo to metric ton quantities. Fine chemicals include specialized compounds and compound types available in gram to kilo quantities. Price and delivery vary depending upon quantity desired and current stock availability.

    We offer:

    Laboratory scale production:
    • starting materials and intermediates
    • reference compounds
    • metabolites
    • isotope labeled HPLC standard
    • mg to Kg scales
    Contract research:
    • scale-up and optimization
    • timely, high quality delivery
    • medicinal chemistry
    • lead compounds, analogs of active leads
    • confidential services and quotations
    • our research facility (60,000 sq. ft) is located in the city of Suzhou (50 miles from Shanghai)
    • fully equipped synthetic research labs with 30 chemical hoods
    • kilo-labs with multiple reactors
    • analytical labs with HPLCs NMR and MS
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